2.50AM. I’m procrastinating from my 4000 word assignment on Vietnamese and Malaysian politics. That’s due later today but hey, a medical certificate for my burnt arm should secure an extension. (Optional sad face to the teacher might need to become mandatory) Actually I lie, it’s only another 2000 words to go. Cough cough. Still, when you’re reading fascinating “personal” blogs by none other than the witty and charming Benjamin Law, you’re going to find an excuse that what you are doing is moulding you into a top writer of the world (That being I will make you feel emotions). That or the fact that he is into boys and is also Asian might instead make me feel, you know, understood.

So that gets me to my next point. University. Oh yes, where engineering students drink to escape their atrocious workload, and arts students merely drink because well, they are arts students. Why do we both torture ourselves over a crapload of work about how to be smarter, often arguing about things we may never use for careers a horde of us will never pursue. Why? Because it is the expected thing to do. Or maybe that is because I am a first generation Asian Australian with stereotypical Asian parents. Beats me, but at least me being in university is a positive things for them.

So how does the usual process of university run? You go to class, unless it is at 9am or even more unacceptable, 8am, because it is a rule of thumb that waking up any earlier than 9:30am is considered a crime punishable by three espresso shots. But then when you reach your destination and attend class, you are given the exhilaration of choosing one of the following options; a) fall asleep, b) bitch about the mature aged student that thinks they are right because they have experience or c) perve. Option C is only applicable if you are doing a Bachelor of Arts or Fine Arts. This also applies in lectures, except you pose with your back straight against your seat and pretend you’re actually writing up notes when really, you’re internet shopping on the latest craze. Yes, ASOS and Etsy, I’m glaring at you and how disgusting you guys are for lamenting those beautiful clothes in front of me (Says the hipster). Afterwards, you befriend people. (Actually, frankly that was a step I personally skipped because I would run home as I had a very obsessive relationship with my bed, I still do too). Then you finish class and go home and study more. In the later years, you studied at the library until you got kicked out at times when you should be getting wasted. Actually, in many cases, you were combining both activities.

So what is the point in all of this? It’s to say, or rather show off that you have a degree. That you have the intelligence of world-class scientists and that your life is meaningful and somebody in this God forsaken world will give you a job that will one day allow you to be a prick and buy a Mercedes Benz and parade it around your hopefully, poorer friends. Of course, again this does not apply to us Arts student. We go to uni to learn and be open minded while getting smashed and high on a daily basis. We’re the bad influence your parents warned you about.

Then you finish uni, most of us are lucky to get graduate jobs. Then there are the certain few that have genuinely chosen the right profession and devote their life to it. Those are fortunate ones. Then there’s me, who is in an Arts degree who has after changing my major three times has finally discovered something I am interested in but cannot actually specifically study. (See the problem with Monash is that I want to focus on mainland South East Asia but every unit devoted to Asia is about Japan, China, Malaysia or Indonesia. Yes, clearly Asian Studies) Instead, I could be teaching in Japan and adding a gnarly Bogan sound to every ‘o’ sound in said language but no, I’ll be too busy stuck in the university library with international students dressed up with high heels attempting to get an education.

An education you say? I think jumping out there into the world is more of an education. An experience is an education. But hey, we are all unique and things have to be designed for us, immaculately too I might add. Maybe I will get another Bachelors degree. A bachelors of Arts with a major in traveling with minors in hippieness and booze. I can’t say though that it has been a depressive journey, it’s been a fulfilling one, see, this Arts degree has taught me the art of bullshitting because when you are wanting to get any pay rise in whatever job, this art will hold you high esteem. Now that, is worth the degree.

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A Late Night Struggle in the Up’s and Down’s of a Uni Student

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