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When I hear Thai, I always listen out for words that are borrowed either from or to Khmer. The sounds are like my language except with the addition of tones which adds a musical edge to it.

When I hear Korean, I think of strength. I have met so many Koreans who are such exceptionally hard workers, and it comes as very pronounced when they speak their mother tongue.

When I hear Cantonese, I get reminded of Bruce Lee films and the amusement it brought to me as a child. Somebody on the tv who had the skin colour as me. How happy I was to learn of my grandfather’s Cantonese origins.

When I hear Japanese, I think (hesitantly) of my high school days when every other Asian kid in my year fell in love with anime and manga. The first interest in their culture allowed me to jump into their country and see the beautiful merging of modern and traditional life. Innovative minds the Japanese are. We have a lot to learn from them.

When I hear Vietnamese, I feel like I am with friends. For all the times we all made fun of the nasal sounds that leaped up and down, we were probably feasting on pho with the smell of fish sauce in the air, hair salons in front of our eyes and a nosy aunt asking us if we were married yet. It brings a sense of familiarity.

When I hear Khmer, or rather Khmai, I hear my family, my home and my spirit. After not hearing it in so long, a smile always comes across my face. Another homecoming it is and I rise up and the day becomes perfect.

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"What Kind of Asian Are You?" — Alex Dang

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Korean Underwear Model


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When you say Asian women are submissive, I say my mother owned her own business in a country not of her mother tongue with an education that did exceed primary school.

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I love Thai men who work out.
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I love Thai men who work out.

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I still want to learn Cantonese #Cantonese #languages #asian #chinese #memories

Ladies and gentlemen, does anyone here know somebody in Melbourne who is interested in Asian culture and knows how to film?

I have a project to get around to. Tumblr has been awesome to me so far so why not take advantage of it to help me network.

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