At the Eastern Transit

Nov 30

Yo-Yo - Nicola Roberts

Let’s take the time out to enjoy my personal favourite of her glorious debut solo album, Cinderella’s Eyes!

Apr 3

Zero 7 - ‘Throw It All Away’

It also includes Australian songstress Sia Furler and Scandinavian export Jose Gonzales. A fast-paced song that builds up catered with purrs and grrs from each vocalist arranged by the sweetness only Zero 7 can employ.

Dec 29

Fenech-Soler - Golden Sun

So I’m seeing them at Good Vibes early next year. Fulfilment? I’d say so.

Nov 23

Massive Attack - Live With Me

I truly don’t understand why I’m in such a depressive mood listening to all these dreary yet atmospheric songs but we all need the mood sometimes I guess. While I prefer the stripped down version of this song, the video clip I believe still has a stark confrontational nature that makes no compromise with the song, enhancing it.

With a voice like this, how can you not resist?