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Apr 17

Day 19 – A Song From Your Favorite Album

Ladyhawke - 'Back of the Van'

I don’t particularly have one favourite album, but this album comes close bar two of the latter songs in the album. This cut here shows a more melancholic and reminisceent side of Ladyhawke. Tunes that are catchy but with depth.

Mar 13



Ladyhawke- Magic

Ladyhawke’s most recent single, released in 2009, from her self-titled debut album. You might know her from the “My Delerium” song. This one is quite the tune.

Because this is pop, a lot of people will immediately be put off by this song, well I was. However after listening to it a few times I noticed the great songwriting in it, and the influence from a lot of 80’s synth pop artist. The sound of the small breaths after each line really make the song work, and the nice modern sound to all the music in it makes it a very enjoyable track. It has a very fun tone to it, and a lot of nice energy. It sounds pretty fresh, although a bit retro at the same time, it’s like she has freshened up a retro sound.

As long as you don’t overlisten to this song, it’s a great laid-back pop track to have a listen to. Sounds a bit like the artist “Ladytron” of a similar name, who I used to mix her up with a bit. This song is probably just like something she would do, except a little simpler and less serious.

Album: Ladyhawke

Genre: Electropop

1. Yeasayer - O.N.E

The last part of this song is a highlight and a half. Not only do the lyrics perpetuate you to a whole other world of supremity, but it’s a groovy number that applies well to those who are both sober and drunk.

2. Miami Horror - Sometimes

Funny how I’ve always preferred the singles a little bit more. Moving on, this is a complete classic to go on an adrenaline rush to. It’s got that atmospheric nature that I crave, crave and crave. Plus they are Australian, always a bonus.

3. Broken Social Scene - Fire Eye’d Boy

A bit of shoegazing into the mix. With the feeling that the vocals are halted during the verses, there is a stead allowance for the chorus to rip through with a sing-along chant that is impossible not to be hooked on.

4. Zero 7 - Simple Things

Do you like a black man’s voice? I do. Now we add some trippy yet light instrumentation towards it and it becomes some wonderland where you are floating on air up and around and all about.

5. Angus & Julia Stone - Draw Your Swords

Like a lot of people, I do prefer Angus over Julia though not by much. This is a song that truly shows Angus’ prowess as a singer letting it all loose on this dark, little number. Poignant at it’s rawest, catastrophic in it’s brilliance.

6. Kids of 88 - Just A Little Bit

This song’s chorus is pretty much a bunch of orgasms over bleepy noises. Am I using sex to convince you to listen? Yes. Why? Sex sells. But this tune is also refreshing and boppy, do not resist.

7. Ladyhawke - Magic

Talk about opening up an album! Yielding a storming hook, this song floods into your mind with bittersweet lyrics charming you away and away, the only bad thing about this song is how it stops you from listening to the rest of the album. A cure for that? Break the rewind button.

8. Wolf Parade - I’ll Believe In Anything

There’s an industrial wrehouse noise to this song that attacks you right between the eyes as fr as I’m concerned. Scornful and unforgiving, Wolf Parade are soon becoming a favourite band of mine.

9. Goldfrapp - Believer

Alison Goldfrapp is just nuts. Let’s face it, who would be able to figure out she is above the age of 40 inducing this retro number that glows and shimmers underneath Alison’s bold voice that turns violent effortlessly from angelic-like whispers. Gold!

10. Massive Attack - Prey For Rain

I left the fashion channel on simply because they were playing this vicious song which sees the group return to their origins bringing out the ‘Mezzanine’ records for  amodern twist. The flickering climax is a major plus. I do quite love Massive Attack.

11. Morcheeba - I Am The Spring

I’ve been spinning their latest album for a bit now, I’m still addicted to them as always as my favourite band of all time. Skye’s velvet voice shines coupled with the acoustic guitar as she croons over an unrequited lover. I’ll never get enugh of them.

Dec 14
Will Never Get Enough Of These Songs

1. Miami Horror

I think it was when ‘Sometimes’ got into my head at the Phoenix concert did I finally realise what music makes me tick. It’s that synth sound, that electro-vibe, a wall of sound that gets me going. Placed in whatever style of music, it can definitely enhance a song; of course there is class to this. Miami Horror have assured themselves the recipe for this.

2. Ladyhawke

There’s something about Ladyhawke’s lyrics which hits a heart-string for me. Even through such simply lyrics, there is enchanting notion to each one of the songs with hooks and choruses to die for that run devoid of that cringe-worthy factor that most pop songs have. Ladyhawke still spoils us with her creative ingenuinity from credible dimensions and lines to remember for each second of your working day.

3. Delphic

Here they were live at Splendour in the Grass, a trio not necessarily immaculately dressed in the pretentious way, but clean enough that they still came across as polished. Then they played, and out came a dreamy set that eventually erupted to war of notes creating a tidal wave of sounds that would roar over you as you became drenched in their songs, and often each other’s sweat from all the jumping around in the passion pit.

4. Passion Pit

With a pun, Passion Pit are a definition for contradicting. At first listen, their songs are a wild-fire surging with energy and over the top falsetto vocals crying over bleeping sounds that storm at you left, right and centre. Then you read the lyrics, and what you interpret is a plague of morose and morbid lines. Believe it or not, this is actually perfect.

5. Morcheeba

This is my favourite band, they were going to be here no matter what. Skye’s sultry vocals over a glorious range of beats that range from killer groans that would accompany murderers or beating sirens that would shine on a summer’s day on a Brazillian beach. There is talent here.

Nov 15
Five Bands I Will Never Get Enough Of