At the Eastern Transit

Nov 30

Yo-Yo - Nicola Roberts

Let’s take the time out to enjoy my personal favourite of her glorious debut solo album, Cinderella’s Eyes!

Oct 5

Gladiator - Nicola Roberts

The line, ‘I’m shooting bullets from my chest, I’m superwoman bitches” is an amazing line. It’s been sped up and raised in pitch for copyright laws unfortunately.

"Because the only medication for a heart that knows it’s breaking is to get it out now, say it out loud"

- Say It Out Loud - Nicola Roberts

Sep 25
Sep 15

Nicola Roberts - Sticks + Stones

Naw, she’s all grown up!!

Jun 5

Nicola Roberts - Porcelain Heart

A b-side to her upcoming single ‘Beat of my Drum’, Nicola Roberts embodies the style of music many foresaw coming. The synth-driven and ethereal ‘Porcelain Heart’ addresses this prediction and more stunning us with sinister vocals and a wielding note at the end that gives fellow band-member Nadine Coyle a run for her money. Satisfied with lyrics that are clever and anything but cliche, the solo project of Nicola Roberts is proving to be one to look out for.

Apr 3

Girls Aloud - ‘The Loving Kind’

So they probably have all broken up and hammered away at the last nail on the coffin on their collective careers but this lasting gem off their most recent album is everything a 22nd century pop song should be; catchy, dancey and emotional.

If not that, then ginger member Nicola Roberts is probably the one to hail here with her astoundingly pristine vocal delivery that is packed with thought after thought of heartache. If there’s anyone I’m betting on to excel in the career past their hey days in Girls Aloud, my money is on her.

Also, check out the Absent Elk cover of this song. Stunning.


Jan 6
Metronomy + Nicola Roberts (Girls Aloud)