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Sep 20

Florrie - ‘To The End’

"I will only bring you happiness"

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Nov 30

Yo-Yo - Nicola Roberts

Let’s take the time out to enjoy my personal favourite of her glorious debut solo album, Cinderella’s Eyes!

The pop world is fickle. Everyone knows that. Apparently so is the revolving door behind the members of British girl group, the Sugababes. With now none of the original members present, media outlets have scorned current members Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and latest addition Jade Ewen. News of a possible reunion of the original line up published by the reliable WotYouGot states that the trio have been demoing songs in hopes for “recreating that magic” to see if a comeback is on the cards.

The Sugababes first popped onto the music scene in 2001 as the anti-girl group. Critically acclaimed, the girls’ record ‘One Touch’ was heralded as genius that turned a blind eye to the cheesy Europop that blazed the charts. Instead vocal harmonies, innocence and an indie sense were ushered with nonchalant looks characterized by the debut single, the cool ‘Overload’.

Fast forward to today, and the Sugababes last memory was a chart meltdown with their first single of their as-yet untitled album-in-the-making scrapped to become a free download on Amazon three days before its intended release. The song ‘Freedom ’ itself failed to even enter at 100 on the AirPlay chart. Foreign territory for the girls so used to success. Even further scrutiny now that Heidi Range has opted for a spot on the cheesy reality show, ‘Dancing on Ice’. She’s also getting married very soon too. A remarkable drop from critical acclaim and hopeful beginnings.

Solo-wise, indie Siobhan Donaghy, famous for the questionable incident of ditching the band by excusing herself to go to the toilet in Japan during promotion released two albums, the sinister ‘Revolution In Me’ and the ethereal ‘Ghosts’, both finding the thumbs up from critics but flailing in the sales department. Boasted as the best British voice since ‘Dusty Springfield’ by Xenomania’s Brian Higgins, the more urban Mutya Buena jumped ship half way through promotion of fourth album ‘Taller In More Ways’. Unlike Siobhan, her departure seemed less dividing thanks to motherhood. Her solo career was lauded by critics as boring which thinned out quicker then Range’s stint in Atomic Kitten.

For Keisha Buchanan, solo ventures may seem pessimistic with the fate of her two previous band mates despite the initial vow. Is it any wonder why after months of solo promises, she has suddenly silenced herself with only the reunion rumors propping up. After all, a reunion of the band is more likely then any solo venture to gain any publicity, inevitably leading to the current Sugababes meltdown no less.

Personally I hope Siobhan and Keisha have sorted out their differences, which seems likely after Donaghy’s candid revelations about Buchanan’s bullying. There’s no doubting that the girls complement one another. Distinct voices, honest song writing and maybe the help of producers not invested in the club scene may prove fruitful for their future.

It seems Range, Berrabah and Ewen have met what is called an ultimatum. That is, maybe it’s their turn to go solo. After all, against the original girls, the chances of winning are dismal,

Either way, let’s watch and be entertained. After all, this must be pop music.

Oct 23
One Spin: SugaBitch?
Oct 11

Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch

With a voice that sounds it does not even care about you, there’s still something strangely alluring about a bitchy tone.

Oct 5

Gladiator - Nicola Roberts

The line, ‘I’m shooting bullets from my chest, I’m superwoman bitches” is an amazing line. It’s been sped up and raised in pitch for copyright laws unfortunately.

Sep 15

Nicola Roberts - Sticks + Stones

Naw, she’s all grown up!!

Sep 14



Florence + The Machine | Shake It Out

“And I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart
‘Cause I like to keep my issues down
It’s always darkest before the dawn”

New Florence music? Yes. I’m in love. And I love this song.


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I do quite like girl groups from Britain. I think anyone here who is British and “indie” or anything not mainstream for that matter would cringe reading this, but living in Australia where girl groups are now long dead, I don’t have to worry about getting sick of such music. Actually to be fair, I really only like girl group music which is produced by nutty production house, Xenomania who have been at the helm of all of Girls Aloud’s song save for the first album and the latest cut off from The Saturdays, ‘All Fired Up’. I also like the red-heads of many girl groups, if anything they are the ones with genuine talent. Cue Nicola Roberts and Siobhan Donaghy and you will understand quickly what I mean. That or Una Healy who actually plays a guitar on live acoustic tracks which is a refreshing change for once. Either way, any bets living in Britain would mean I’d be sick of these groups. Nevertheless, I still want to throw knives at Britney and Lady Gaga. Not much has changed there.

Aug 18
Round Round

Lykke Li! 

So I’m falling in love with this movie. Bloody Scandinavians…
Aug 11


Lykke Li! 

So I’m falling in love with this movie. Bloody Scandinavians…

How Tumblr is filled with so many people of the gay community. At the same time, I find it even more interesting that upon reading so many blogs of such people they all tend to revolve around the same things. Particularly music. As a big fan of music in all it’s diverse natures I always find it intriguing how gay guys tend to fall into two categories. The ones that are stereotypically in love with Britney Spears, Lady Gaga or Rhianna or something similar. The other category which seems to reside more with me who likes everythin possibly indie and despises the the former category of music. I often wonder why this is. Obviously I couldn’t determine an answer even if I tried.

I just cannot seem to get around the idea of loving music that seems to be only filled by those that populate the masses. I want to go beyond that and reward myself with music that is nnot so readily available. If I only listened to what was on our charts today, it would feel lazy to me. Plus as someone highly interested in the lyrical content I want something more t han the cliche lyrics that always and forever more talk about love in such simplistic methods. I want to listen to musicians who are more studied in what their music sounds like, not what image or promotions they want to project. Yes I do like some pop, namely on the British element such as Girls Aloud and Sugababes. But even then, they are groups who have kept up credibility. Well, at least for the early part of the Sugababes history though. Even then, I’ve stopped listening to a lot of their songs.

I guess I just need that mystery in music. I don’t care about video clips and how many interviews you do and who you have following you. I want to listen to musicians who want to tour live in the cosiest of stages and define new styles. Getting wasted to Digitalism, thinking to Massive Attack, crying to The Antlers, tango-ing to Beirut, dancing to Yelle and all in between. Music is integral to humans. So why settle for less?

Jul 9
I Always Find It Interesting