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Sep 13
Triple J is playing The Jezabels’ debut album ‘Prisoner’
Sep 6

The Jezabels - ‘Be A Star’

It’s the climax of this song that really gives you chills

Hayley from The Jezabels
Aug 23

Hayley from The Jezabels

"I think self-pity is a state of mind"

- "She’s So Hard" - The Jezabels

Aug 17
Jun 20

The Jezabels - Disco Biscuit Love

Australian music has really come into it’s own lately. Now with a strong image within the indie music scene as well as the more hardcore variants, we are finally gaining a respect from the international audience that branches out from Jimmy Barnes and AD/DC. Bands such as The Red Shore, Tame Impala and Miami Horror are makin waves  overseas showing that Australia is more progressed than hopping on a kangaroo to get to school.

The band on display here hails from Sydney of four darlings who met in university and formed a band that blends a violent array of clashing emotions into a symphony that wields itself in cryptic but powerful stories. Traces of Joy Division, Siouxie & The Banshees and Tegan & Sara are etched across this unique group with such songs like this that tells of a woman’s descent into an addiction of drugs and love. Riveting stuff.

May 8

The Jezabels - Disco Biscuit Love

When you start stating lyrics that link a pill with love, you know you got something going on here.

Mar 5

The Jezabels - She’s So Hard

"I’m all out for the war

I guess love wasn’t what I was looking for

I don’t care when you cry

I think self-pity is a state of mind”

"I’m all out, for the war. I guess love wasn’t what I’m looking for. I don’t care when you cry. I think self pity is a state of mind."

- She’s So Hard - The Jezabels

Feb 27
Nov 14

The Jezabels - Hurt Me

The Australian independent music scene is thriving. There are so many acts to see that forgo the mainstream element which portrays an exciting and vibrant culture for all to be interested in, regardless of the specific genre you adore.

This little band here hailing from Sydney I first came across as the first support act for ‘Tegan & Sara’, and they were almost prophetic. Here’s a band that is scornful in their emotional delivery whereby after listening to one of their songs, you feel such a sense of rawness you are bound to return to it. Yes this will be one of the songs you will most likely get depressed to but hey, music is for every mood.