At the Eastern Transit

Drunk but still can take a selfie.
Sep 13

Drunk but still can take a selfie.

No gym today. Annoyed that I can use gym to work out my anger. Why am I angry? My Grill’d boy; that Boy that worked opposite me for two years with his grey eyes whom I once bumped into at the Foster the People concert is now without a job because his company is a bunch of fucktards. I know he is straight but he was just some figure for something beautiful. Sometimes you need the escape. Sometimes. I know you all think I am crazy but I guess he represents a lot of the ideals I want in a guy; adorably innocent, ferociously intelligent, classy, a thinker, wide music taste, cute. Time for me to be depressed over something stupid. My fucking Grill’d boy.

Where’s my drink

Aug 25


Dec 31

Takuya Nakamura, Abercrombie & Fitch.
Sep 26


Takuya Nakamura, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Slash that! I want a half Asian fuck buddy. Preferably that boy from Grill’d. He’s there, that’s a tease!

Oct 14
I want a half Asian boyfriend

But the charges being laid against her over the stealing of dance moves is laughable. Yes, stealing of dance moves.

Firstly, Beyonce is probably not the chereographer behind the dance moves. She’s just the musician behind it who happens to dance the moves her chereographers give to her for the song.

There’s only so much dance moves you can do before something looks imitated. Nobody really has a right to it unless you pretty much do the exact same thing for the whole song. Similarities are bound to happen.

More importantly, what proof is there that one stole the dance moves? At least sue the chereographers?

Whether I’m wrong or not, this case in itself sounds hilarious.

Oct 12
I may not care about Beyonce